Wel­come to Trans­form­ing Word Min­istries web­site. Our mis­sion is to teach and express the Word of the Father that all may come to see and respond to the Love of God. Our motto is “light to life” because we believe that the Word from the Father is light and as we allow that light into our life it will cause use to be Trans­formed. So that we will become the sons and daugh­ters of our Father. His reflec­tion to those that are seek­ing Peace and Free­dom. Our com­mu­nity out­reach pro­grams and youth ini­tia­tives are designed to help those in need. If we will allow the love that we have been shown to touch some­one else we will change the world. Trans­form­ing those who we meet with the Light that was given to us.

Light to Life,  Be Ye  Trans­formed by the renew­ing of  your Mind ” Romans 12:2

Wel­come from our Founder


You will find hap­pi­ness and strength,  in volunteering,